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      Capital Markets

      Capital Markets

      Innovating to enhance the liquidity of the mortgage market and actively reduce risk for taxpayers.

      We're building a better housing finance system that's providing global investors innovative opportunities to invest in the U.S. housing market.

      Capital Markets supports the liquidity of the mortgage markets and makes funding more available by purchasing mortgage-related securities guaranteed by Freddie Mac and other financial institutions in its investment portfolio. These investments are funded by issuing corporate debt securities.

      Our expertise in capital markets and credit risk management has helped us to lead the market in offering private investors new and innovative ways to invest in the U.S. residential housing market and actively reduce less liquid loans from our investments portfolio.

      Debt Securities

      Information about debt products, disclosures and auctions

      Mortgage Securities

      Information about mortgage-backed securities and disclosures

      Seasoned Loan Offerings

      Information about RPL/NPL offerings, requirements and auctions

      Credit Risk Transfer

      Information about Single-Family CRT, including STACR® and ACIS® offerings

      Security Lookup Tools

      Retrieve Securities information based on CUSIP, Series and Class or Pool Number

      Transferring Risk Away from Taxpayers

      We're the leading innovator in programs that transfer credit risk to private investors and away from America's taxpayers.

      We've transferred a portion of credit risk on nearly
      $1.8 trillion
      of mortgages

      The Uniform Mortgage-backed Security has traded more than
      $27 trillion
      of securities since March 2019